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The Dragon's Legacy

Published by LT3 Press, May 2018

ISBN: 9781684312627   

Word Count: 46,000



Valgaforis wants to be left in peace. And if he must be bothered, he would prefer goblins to humans. But these humans come searching for something that sounds like it just might help him figure out what happened to the rest of his kind. He can tolerate some bothersome humans for a little while to answer that burning question.


Things just seem to keep going wrong for Alessio. While on the hunt for the regalia of his bloodline, which will finally secure him the throne, he stumbles across Erik, who's somehow already discovered the dragon cave Alessio seeks. Erik, a native of the Northland, offers to help, and Alessio gratefully accepts, despite the unexpected complications added to his already difficult journey.


Along the way they encounter spirits, hobs, a river bride, and even trolls. In fact, the only thing they don't seem to encounter is the dragon Alessio expected to find when they finally reach their destination....

(Source: LT3 Press)


Link: The Dragon's Legacy on LT3 Press